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Join us in taking on the questions that no amount of data will ever answer, and that no examined life can avoid.


Thought and Action

Timeless questions…

What is it to live well, and rightly? What does it all mean, and why does it matter?

Fundamental questions like these, about ourselves and our world, are at the heart of the human experience, and also of the philosophy program at Beloit College. They are what make philosophy the wellspring of the liberal arts, and the connective tissue uniting the disciplines.

…and practical skills for our dynamic world.

Thinking carefully and critically through complex problems and concepts. Finding connections across disparate contexts. Hearing the ideas of others with patience and charity. Taking positions of your own, and offering reasons for them, that balance confidence and humility. Communicating your ideas in writing, as well as in discussion.

These are the skills that are central to the study of philosophy, and they are also the skills employers want in an evolving global marketplace, where the careers you find may not even have been invented yet.

Sahil Rizal’22 headshot

Eye Opening, Fruitful Education

During his college search, Sahil Rizal’22 prioritized intellectual challenge and a small campus where it would be easy to meet people. Beloit not only fit these criteria, but gave him…

Hannah Yee’19, Favi Ramirez’20, and Jack Collins’21 are all pursuing master of public health degrees at the University of Minnesota.

Three alumni enter public health programs in the Twin Cities

Hannah Yee’19, Favi Ramirez’20, and Jack Collins’21 first met in the Beloit Public Health Initiative (BPHI), a campus group that provides health-related resources to the Beloit community.  


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